Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to the Pintresting!

Good Morning...I'm beginning to get a little sullky and a little weepy as I get ready to return to my life of count downs and weekend romance. I vaguely remember that last semester wasn't so terrible being 400 miles apart, but after a WHOLE month together I'm beginning to feel like I don't remember how to be alone. Stay tuned for the next feelings update, but until then here's what I've been discovering on pintrest.
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Mochi! This is a favorite Hawaiian treat of my mine, and I made my very first batch the other day. It turned out okay, but I want to try again. 

On the to do list!

Sending all my love. 


  1. The 1990 quote made me laugh out loud! It seriously doesn't feel like it was that long ago! Great pins this week!

  2. The 1990 quote is soooo true & I love the fitness pin!

  3. Love your pins for the week!! I haven't been on Pintrest for awhile... I think I'm going to now!! :)

  4. I so think 1990 was ten years ago! Crazy how it's already 2012!

  5. So true about 1990- glad to see everyone agrees! So funny.


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