Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine's Challenge Day 2

It's been a good Tuesday, and I'm laughing just trying to think of a bad date. That's the topic for today's challenge with Casey, Amber, and Neely. Go link up with them and join the good times!

I can't really remember very many dates because I've been going on dates with Bran since I got to college, but I do have one that comes to mind. Bran and I took a break our sophomore year, and in that time I of course wanted to test the waters. Obviously I turned my little tail around and ran back to what I had. But in the meantime, a few weeks before Bran and I got back together, Florida boy asked me on a date. I wearily accepted because I had a funny feeling Bran and I may be on again, but none the less I accepted. He picked me up from my townhouse in a million year old grandma mobile that was terrible on the outside but what he called "comfrotable" on the inside. I disliked it greatly from the beginning.

He then took me to Little CiCis. Yup, we pulled into the parking lot and I wanted to die. I hate pizza and WHO TAKES SOMEONE THERE on a first date?! The kid was loaded, I did a little research before we went out. Don't judge. This part of the night still blows my mind so I won't dwell on it, but Little CiCi's really?!

I kindly pointed out that I disliked pizza and thankfully didn't have to walk in there, and instead we ate at Chillis. His personality was just boring, it was painful eating dinner and coming up with topics to talk about and I couldn't wait for the night to end. Well as I was anxious to get back to campus the "date" portion ended quickly and we went our separate ways. The next morning I realized that I had left a jacket in his car so I went by his apartment to pick it up. He must not have been expecting me because I walked in on him talking to someone on the phone (I'm pretty sure it was his dad) telling him that he had found the girl. He was telling his dad how he was going to fly me home with him for Spring Break (He lived in Florida) and I wanted to die. I snuck back out, and made sure to make alot of noise when I came back in the front door. 

Needless to say I grabbed my jacket. And ran. It was a terrible one alright. Thank heavens for Prince Charming. 

What's your worst date ever?

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe you overheard him saying those things! I guess that just shows how two people can interpret the same situation in entirely different ways...


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