Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesdays

Hey there! I'm linking up on this dreary rainy Knoxville morning with This Kind of Love as a reminder to myself that there is plenty out there that I am loving!

I'm loving my yellow boots and yellow scarf! It makes me feel like I'm walking around holding my very own piece of sunshine!

I'm loving that one of my besties is coming to visit this Saturday night, and that she gets to stay through Monday since it's a holiday.

I'm loving that the Denver Broncos looked spectacular on Sunday night AND we will be playing the fiances team this coming Saturday night. Yup I'll have the bestie and the Broncos all in one night! PS for all you haters, let Tebow be Tebow. He's got a lotta good things going for him, can't we jsut let him be? Besides I love all the coverage all my boys are getting, and heck it doesn't hur t that the stores here in the South don't just laugh at me when I ask for Denver paraphinalia.  I was a Denver fan before he came along, and I'll be one if he moves on.

I'm loving that Dunkin Doughnuts opened on campus this morning at 7am! I haven't been yet because I'm trying really hard to wait for Jess to get in the office so we can skip down there together. DD opening doesn't bode well for my recent cut down on carbs.

I'm loving that the countdown is back in the single digits til I see Bran again. We're a little under a year and five months until I become Mrs. Brandon Santiago. I can't wait!

Go link up and tell me what you're loving today!


  1. ooooooo, I want some yellow boots and a scarf now! Love it! xoxo

  2. Yeahhhh Broncos!!! Woop woop! I love yellow... such a happy color :)

  3. I have a yellow scarf too, and I love it! Definitely brings some cheer to your day. :)

  4. Aww... I love reading this and catching up on your life! Can't believe how soon you will be a grown married woman like the rest of us! Hope school is going well - miss you terribly! SLAM

  5. aw, have fun with your friends! it's always nice getting to see friends!

    and a yellow scarf just sounds absolutely perfect :)


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