Saturday, November 26, 2011

Guest Post!

BrandontheFiance's Christmas List
Hope this whole guest blogging thing ends successfully! And by successfully I mean everyone who reads this doesn't stop following, and that I get some of this stuff.

Weightlifting shoes help you keep your weight on your heels, which helps you lift more weight. More weight = more fun.

I, like Becki, love new tennis shoes. The more I have the less they have to be "just gym shoes." Both on clearance so act now!

I'm kind of addicted to CrossFit, and I hate to run so these shirts apply to my life.

There's just not much better than Fenway Park.

Need a thin case for my 13" Mac to keep it safe traveling to the lab every day.

Classes will eventually end and I'll need something to do when Becki isn't around. The picture is for Forza Motorsports 4, which is currently on sale, but 3 or a previously owned copy would work :)

To go along with these possibilities I can always use the staples: Socks, Stafford white t-shirts, t-shirt fabric sheets (light brown?), and a subscription to ESPN the Magazine sent to Chapel Hill.

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