Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Do you ever feel like the busier you are, the more you actually get done? My semester is winding down and I don't have as many assignments, meaning that I don't have as much motivation to get things done really early... So here I am blogging and wishing that I hadn't missed Target Tuesday and Pintrest Wednesday. Actually I think I may go ahead and do Pintrest Wednesday...

So instead of working on my 25 page paper before the Thanksgiving Holipalooza begins Friday, I'm going to pin and blog.

'Nuff said ;)

Please please please! 

The engagment photos are quickly approaching...

Yeah! If only Bran drank...

I could continue procrastinating with a nap...

Made me think of my Sigma Sisters

I don't know how this works exactly, but I'd say this is a great way of handling when life gives you lemons!

Have a good Thursday. Crazy tales from the 9 day vacation away from Knoxville to come soon. We begin with a quick day spent at home to see the twins in Peter Pan, (this is Ryan as an Indian) 

and then off to my very first wedding! I'm sure I'll have lots to recap, hopefully on Sunday when I'm in Chapel Hill with the Hunny.


  1. I know what you mean about the busier you are, the more you get done. That's how it always works for me. I love those phone cases. They're cute!

    Lyndsay @ Simply Lyndsay

  2. I'm pretty much the same exact way. I have a difficult time focusing if I don't have a lot going on so all I'll do is blog/watch tv/eat.. lovely huh?? :) I love the faith love live words, super cute!

  3. That engagement picture is adorable! I like the foyer set up too!

  4. Ahhhh, I loved the thing with Taylor, Carrie and Miranda! That's so so funny!!


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