Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's your song AND Seriously? Thursday!

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     This song is sweet and simple. It makes me smile in the car and sing a long. I also decided to link up to Seriously Thursday?! With From Mrs. To Mamma so also head over there and link up.

1. I can't believe it's already only 6 weeks until I'm on Christmas Break. That seriously can't come any sooner.

2.  I can't seem to keep my plants alive. It was suppose to be full proof but the darn thing just keeps loosing leafs and never growing any back. I think I'll just take it out back and throw it out this weekend. Maybe that side of domestic-hood isn't for me...

3. Speaking of domestic-hood, last night I went to Wal-Mart to grocery shop for the next two weeks. I live alone so I really had to do some planning regarding what I could buy that I would also have time to cook. After spending a little under an hour there I went to check out. Every line had individuals with two or MORE carts... I was so frustrated and realized that it was the beginning of the month. Won't be doing that again

4. It's time to begin Advent Box shopping. I make Bran one and will need to get it to him all finished by the week of Thanksgiving. If anyone has any cute not too expensive small gifts that would fit in the slot as big as a beer bottle I'd LOVE suggestions!

5. In regards to the week of Thanksgiving, I am thrilled to say that after all the sheenagains regarding a presentation and multiple times of switched dates, I will be able to go the Wedding the weekend of the 18th and not come back to Knoxville. Thrilled isn't even the word I want to use.

6. It's tough when things change. People change and sometimes I'm not ready or willing. But sometimes it's better in the long run. I know that it's the reality and that we're all growing up and moving on but sometimes it feels like since I'm the one who left, that I'm the only one who is feeling left out.

Have a great Thursday!

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