Monday, November 21, 2011

Sometimes and Always

As we anxiously await for Brandon to have enough time to post, I thought it would be fun to do this that I saw here at Mackey Madness. I think she should do a link-up. I know I'd join.

Sometimes: I think I'll get coffee from Starbucks. But then if I do I take one sip and throw it away.
Always: Stick to the green tea! It's much tastier and possibly even better for me =)

Sometimes: I wish that I could quit school and move to Chapel Hill already
Always: I will finish my Masters. I will, I will, I will.

Sometimes: I wish we did a price limit on gifts
Always: It's just way more fun to see everyones faces when they open gifts that you spent time and money picking out. It's all worth it then

Sometimes: I wish that I could lock my computer to not allow me on blogger, facebook or pintrest.
Always: I somehow end up here (as I am posting now) instead of finishing the task at hand

Sometimes: I think that I'll be able to just go the mall and spend money like it's water
Always: I get there ready to spend and can't find a darn thing that I want or like! So annoying!

Sometimes: I believe that I'll be comfortable in the kitchen with all of Bran's family.
Always: I chicken out, and want to sit down on the floor and throw a temper tantrum that I will never be a good cook like them. I don't actually do it, but darn it I think about it. I'm sure I'm setting myself up for failure again this year. Oh well, this is what I'm bringing. It looks pretty fool proof.

Sometimes: I think about running a half or even a full marathon
Always: I realize that I don't enjoy running enough and that's why I do 4-5 miles once or twice a week and not a crazy amount every day.

(and I just love dessert)

Happy Monday! 


  1. LOve the veggie turkey, it will be a hit for sure.

  2. I love this sometimes/always format that Megan does! Great things to be sometimes and always about. And I'm sure you'll be a great cook one day!

  3. Hey thanks for finding my blog and following! I am now following you back :) I am loving your blog, so fun!

  4. LOL, I love the last little picture, it's so true for me! This is a great post, very cute!

  5. Ahhhh, that last picture made me laugh!! And yes, I totally agree about being able to lock myself off Blogger!!! Oh, I would get SO much more done!

  6. PS: Thanks for the shout out!! I love that you did this!!

  7. Sometimes: I try new recipes I think will be a hit. Hit they do as they crash, blow-up and burn! (new chicken dish).
    Always: My food is made with love. It's for my family so can't make it any other way :)


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