Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Okay, Thursday.

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  • It's okay that I have been linking up a TON and can't seem to find time to create my own ideas so I just borrow what's currently going on.
  • It's okay that I heard my alarm, thought I pressed snooze and somehow turned it off and didn't make it to the gym. 

  • It's okay that I can't seem to get motivated on a huge paper, I keep reading articles but can't bring myself to open word and begin it.
  • It's okay that this weekend one of my bffls is coming into town and we already have plans to drink wine and work on papers. We are also doing wedding things... eek! So excited =) 
"Tie the Knot"

  • It's okay that I don't plan on doing the reading for tonight's class, and that I'm excited for cleaning and getting my little apartment ready for Emily to come. 
  • It's okay that I'm little scared for my dermatologist appointment tomorrow afternoon. I am totally okay with my little friends being removed, but I just don't really want to hurt (or scar)! 
  • It's okay that I really want to go shopping and but not for other people, for myself. Gah but I know that Christmas is just around the corner so alas I will be shopping for others this weekend. 

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  1. ha! I'm the same way...I like shopping for myself the only reason for that is because you never know what that person wants and if they're even going to like it. lol


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